Here we are, trying to outline the idea and the awareness that bringing a number outside of classic footwear production, shouldn’t be a problem at all, but an opportunity to wear the Coraggio style that offers women’s footwear from number 32 to 36 and 42 to 46, and men’s shoes from number 46 to 52.

Coraggio was born with the intention of being able to offer you a quality shoe, produced by Italian artisans, at an affordable price, and above all elegant and fashionable. Because the style comes from there, from the shoe you wear, it brings you on the road, at work, to an important dinner, to a party among friends, to a ceremony.

Coraggio is based on the connection of three factors: genius, lifestyle, and art, but without forgetting the first word; Connection. Our blog was born to share the Italian style, the success of Made in Italy all over the world, to promote small artisanal realities that have had the courage to leave, to take the first step, thus spreading their beauty. As well as artists and life stories.

Because you always talk about steps when it comes to having courage.

We are here for you, to advise you in your purchases and to meet your needs every day, so you can realize how far you’ve come.

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